Artist Statement

Over the years, i took up the assignment to understand humanity and its environment in its purest form, it occurs that our thoughts and mindset  are being controlled by our environment, whereby we segregate actions we choose to influence. These insights projects my narrative further into capturing the essence of the african beauty.

I potray my works by showing the metaphorical expression of the human mind and capturing the essence of color in our environment. I am more passionate about my techniques, I deeper express my subjects to have a subtle denotation of the precise emotions that captures the moments in our thoughts. 

The beauty of art in general has been a source of inspiration to me looking at angles from cultural perspective and the ecological niche intrigues my creative heart all together and I've been solely influenced by artists around me some of which are my colleagues and friends, most importantly the revolution of african art has made a great impact on me.

Art still stands as a way of sharing thoughts and ideas, as it will continue to survive , communicates and dispence information to the world creating new thoughts for people to think about.

I am looking forward to creating a niche of freedom of mind and expression,  breaking more boundaries for myself as i reach out for the unimaginable in my practice and setting you up for an ironic twist to things that would relate to you or what you might expect.

Artist Biography 

 Olayinka Salami (b. 1998)  is an artist who lives in Lagos Nigeria and hails from the South-west part of Nigeria Ogun State. 
He explores his art with various mediums such as Charcoal, Oil and Acrylic paints, he then portrays his subjects to signify certain emotions in accordance with his narrative which is getting humanity to understand mind control and how it is being affected by our environment. 
He is greatly influenced by the Art world in general and has gotten inspiration solely from great artists around him.
As an artist he sees more in having great leads in the art industry and hoping his narrative reach out to minds that need to feel it.